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TRUGLOs New TFX Handgun Sight Technology Offers 24-7 Visibility by Ted Lund

TRUGLO, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of fiber-optic and tritium/fiber-optic handgun sights has unveiled its new high-performance, virtually indestructible TFX (Tritium/Fiber-Optic Xtreme) technology,  causing a stir among law enforcement, tactical shooting and home defense enthusiasts.

TG13GL1A_NAvailable for a large number of popular handguns, TRUGLO’s patented TFX technology features hi-quality Swiss tritium combined with fiber-optics to provide maximum brightness in bright, low-visibility or no-visibility shooting situations. The virtually indestructible configuration encapsulates the tritium and fiber-optic in a hermetically sealed capsule that protects the components from oils, chemicals, cleaning solvents and ultra-sonic cleaning processes. All of the external components of the TFX Brite-Site handgun sight are precision CNC-machined from steel. TRUGLO’s proprietary “Fortress Finish” provides a permanent protective coating and the result is a unit that is snag-proof, virtually indestructible and fits most standard holsters — and TFX is also backed by an industry-leading 12-year warranty.

An isotope of hydrogen, tritium glows in the dark and is used to illuminate the fiber-optic in the sight when there is not enough existing ambient light. The patented combination of tritium/fiber-optics (TRUGLO’s original TFO technology) provides the ultimate aiming point regardless of light conditions (even in total darkness). Tritium glows continuously and lasts for years providing unmatched visibility in all sorts of low-light and low-visibilty conditions; dusk, dawn or night. No batteries are required and the fiber-optic is concealed for from view from for intended targets.


The unique two-component sighting system consists of a two-dot sight mounted at the rear of the gun and a single-dot front sight . The rear sight features a pair of flanked TFX capsules with black retention rings that aid in quick front sight acquisition. The front sight features a TFX capsule with a white “Focus Lock” ring that assists in low-light visibility for rapid target acquisition and centering.

The new TFX handgun sight technology is available for popular models including 1911 handguns and handguns by Beretta, CZ, FNH, Glock. H&K, Kahr, Kimber, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Steyr, and Springfield Armory and Walther. The TFX Handgun sights retail for approx. $172 MSRP.

TRUGLO® is the world’s leading company in fiber-optic technology for the shooting sports industry.To learn more or explore the entire line of TRUGLO products and accessories or locate an authorized TRUGLO dealer near you, or visit


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TRUGLO and Eddie Salter Go Together Like Gobblers and Hens

by Capt. Ted Lund


Anybody that’s been around turkey hunting knows the name Eddie Salter.

Eddie’s name is synonymous with quality turkey calls, which he first introduced to the market in 1985. He’s also the host of the popular Turkey Man TV Show on the Sportsman’s Channel and has had great success in the field over the years completing the NWTF Grand Slam by bagging an Eastern, Rio Grande, Merriam’s and Osceola (Florida) bird.

Eddie Salter

Eddie Salter

He’s been a partner with TRUGLO for years, the leading manufacturer of fiber-optic gun and archery sights and hunting accessories for a number of reasons. “The most important is the quality of the products for the turkey hunter,” says Salter. “Regardless of experience (I don’t understand what is fantastic in this quote. Do you?) is fantastic!”

He really likes TRUGLO’s innovative line of award-winning turkey choke tubes. TRUGLO has two series of its popular aftermarket add-ons, the Gobble-Stopper series and the Strut-Stopper series. The Strut-Stopper series is the winner of 10 NWTF Still Target Championships and is the holder of 6 NWTF World Records. Both series are award winning and can help turkey hunters dial in their pattern for optimum results. And all of TRUGLO’s turkey hunting choke tubes are endorsed by the National Wild Turkey Federation. TRUGLO’s affiliation with the National Wild Turkey Federation spans almost two decades!

“TRUGLO makes fantastic aftermarket choke tubes that enable the use of different shot loads and types of shot including Hevi Shot for maximum impact,” says Salter. “You can also create better patterns for both short and long shots.”

Salter says that one of the biggest factors in his decision to choose one of the TRUGLO series of choke tubes is that these chokes are designed explicitly with turkey hunting in mind, rather than an “all-purpose” type of design. “TRUGLO’s specialized chokes are designed purposely?? (specifically) for turkey loads,” says Salter. “They provide more accuracy and more pellets in the kill zone and in return optimize the impact — and lethality — of the shot. Many traditional standard full chokes are actually too tight and prevent standard turkey loads from providing maximum performance.”

TRUGLO is the world’s leading company in fiber-optic technology for the shooting sports industry.  Born from innovation, TRUGLO continues year after year to enhance the marketplace with technologically advanced and innovative ideas for shooting enthusiasts, archers, hunters and those that love the great outdoors. To learn more about TRUGLO and their innovative line of products, visit or follow the company on Facebook at

To learn more about “The Turkey Man” and his turkey exploits, follow him on Facebook at or catch Turkey Man TV on the Sportsman’s Channel .


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