Rival™ Hunter and DDP Technology

rival hunter archery sight

In January, we introduced Rival™ Hunter, a new and innovative archery sight series. The Rival™ Hunter series was a direct result of the highly successful and innovative Rival™ FX™ archery sight series introduced by TRUGLO® last year.

This new series combines some of TRUGLO’s most innovative features; lightweight, micro-adjustable, tool-less design that’s adjustable for left and right-handed shooters. Ultra-fine, stainless steel hardware allows the hunter extreme precision.

The stainless steel tube pin design features our patented DDP™ technology that provides a decreasing array of pin diameters for longer distances while blocking less of the target for more accurate aiming.

The Rival™ Hunter series is available with either 3 or 5 sight pins. Extra-long fibers are designed to achieve maximum brightness. Included is an adjustable second axis aperture and the level is illuminated with luminescent tape. The sight has markings for windage, elevation and pin adjustments for quick tuning. The reversible bracket provides greater vertical adjustability. TRUGLO’s TRU•TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating also enhances the shooter’s experience.

truglo ddp

4 thoughts on “Rival™ Hunter and DDP Technology

    1. TRUGLO

      Thanks for your question. The aperture flips the other direction, and the pins can be removed and re-ordered to maintain the DDP sight picture. Detailed instructions are in the sight packaging. With a few adjustments, nearly all of our bow sights can be setup for left-handed bows without sacrificing any features.


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